Omnimap accelerate innovation

We help every organization in the world to accelerate innovation and manage for disruption
  • by unlocking integrated technology in a sustainable and manageable way
  • by enabling organizations to rapidly reinvent and implement new business models
  • by allowing organizations to connect to ecosystems while staying true to their legacy


We see a fast changing society which is forcing organizations to think how to stay on top and prevent disruption of their business model.
Legacy software limits an organizations ability to innovate and lowers the agility to react to changes in the market
In order to succeed in a digitally connected world, organization must be critical about their added value, connect to ecosystems and expose their core business via APIs.
This calls for a horizontally integrated and managed platform that constantly provides new technology & business functions to help organizations increase their ability to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

We believe

We believe that technology should be invisible. It should work for people instead of the other way around.
We believe that co-creation with champions is at the heart of future innovation.
We believe that in the future, horizontally integrated platforms will help organizations leverage their full potential by tapping into the innovation power of ecosystems.


It is our mission to empower every organization in the world with a powerful innovation toolbox so they can stay ahead of the competition.
We help citizen developers create scalable and future proof innovation.
We make complex technology invisible so the true power of the solution will arise.
We provide the platform that helps digital connected enterprises remain successful.


Omnimap provides an accessible, scalable and fully managed Innovation Platform as a Service that empowers every organization in the world to be the disrupter or the front runner.
We provide fast, scalable and compliant innovation that spans industries and borders and is easily accessible from startup to corporate.
Ready for today, we constantly enrich the platform with new technology, functionality & services so our customers will be ready for tomorrow as well.


City of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam uses Omnimap as a smart government platform to accelerate innovation in the value chain of construction permits and enforcement.


Microsoft contracted Omnimap to provide the backbone for their integrated visitor experience, connecting calendars, parking space, catering, lockers and hospitality services in a seamless and user friendly way.

The smart way to empower a work environment with technology and offering your guests an unforgettable stay is to make the technology invisible. Because it’s the experience that matters.

City of Rotterdam

The municipality of Rotterdam uses Omnimap for one of their most successful Smart Government initiatives. Here Omnimap facilitates a value chain initiative to help unemployed citizens successfully and sustainably get work.

City of The Hague

The municipality of The Hague selected Omnimap to help people in their community realize their full potential and give employers access to valuable undiscovered talent.

Contact us

Contact us and become the next future ready digital connected enterprise.

Visit us in B.2 John M. Keynesplein 12-46, 1066 EP in Amsterdam,

call now +31 (0)20 737 2354 or mailto:info@omnimap.nl

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