Explore new paths for end-to-end business automation

Our feature-rich platform enables organizations to quickly automate processes and journeys. Easily start from scratch or use one of the pre-packaged templates to jumpstart your solutions.

free up your valuable time to explore new paths by automating your business end-to-end on a feature rich platform

Reduce complexity

Reduce the number of IT systems to gain control of all your tools.


Adopt generative AI

Enrich your business processes with the endless possibilities of generative AI.


Get connected

Instantly connect your business to the outside world using plug and play APIs.


Automate end-to-end

Take the routine out of day-to-day operation and use the full potential of your talent.


Human Capital

Attract, develop and retain talent.

Physical Environment

Manage your physical environment.


Structure any administrative operations.

Value Chain

Easily connect customers and suppliers.

The tools to make the complex simple

With Omnimap, your organization can automate any process and configure any journey. Get more from your existing resources, break down silos, and unlock collaboration across departments, no matter how many technologies or systems you work with, or what resource constraints you face.

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Discover our case studies

Omnimap has a wide range of use cases across business and government. See how different organizations are working with Omnimap today.

Planning and carrying out construction work in Amsterdam's public space requires a high degree of coordination between all stakeholders. With Omnimap, more than 30,000 permits per year are now automated and processed flawlessly.

KPN wanted to use their state-of-the-art smart building infrastructure to offer customers and partners an integrated visitor experience where guests feel truly welcome. Efficiency and convenience during visits, coupled with a genuinely personalized approach, lead to increased customer satisfaction.

What our customers are saying

"Met Omnimap heeft Microsoft een innovatieve oplossing voor haar Visitor Experience, die essentieel is bij hybride werken. In een hybride wereld is het kantoor vooral een ontmoetingsplek voor ons ecosysteem, die we optimaal willen faciliteren. Omnimap helpt ons hierbij om digitale overbelasting te voorkomen, door slim systemen te verbinden en processen end-to-end te automatiseren en optimaliseren."

Joris Haverkort

Senior Director at Microsoft

"Omnimap forms the technical foundation for GIIO at KPN, a solution in which both employees and guests are fully facilitated to have a successful workday or meeting. The versatility of the Omnimap platform allows KPN to shape the solution according to their preferences, expand it, or adjust it based on insights from current data. This enables KPN to focus on achieving its goals while Omnimap takes care of IT-related concerns."

Erik Troost

Commercial Product Manager at KPN