The hyper-automation platform for any business process

Today, almost every organization endures inefficiencies and bottlenecks caused by the use of disconnected technologies and systems. With Omnimap, you are able to define your ideal service, customer, or stakeholder journey and easily and quickly automate it. No need to worry about complexity or the need to manage connections between your existing technologies and platforms.

Get started quickly

Configure your process, workflow, or journey, from scratch, or use a pre-packaged template.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Remove repetitive tasks and redundant steps across your organization and work from one integrated environment.

Create without code

A low-code approach means you don't need specialized skills or to rely on technical input.

Adopt generative AI

Enrich your business processes with the endless possibilities of emerging technology like generative AI. 

Automation without boundaries

The potential for automation is enormous, but people are often held back by insufficient resources, lack of knowledge, or complex tools. With Omnimap, anyone can automate inefficient or routine processes from end to end, streamline legacy systems, and have more time to focus on high-value activities that require human input. Further, you also have an audit trail of who created what, when and where, so that you instantly comply with regulations and company policies.

A diagram of a process flow

Managed connections for all your tech

Part of the challenge of automation is whether you can connect — and stay connected — to all the technology you currently use. Omnimap offers safe and secure connections to the vast majority of platforms that businesses and governments use today. And getting connected to new systems is fast and easy. With Omnimap, your SLA is monitored, you have the right certifications, and you can switch connections without negatively impacting processes.

a diagram of a process network

Modules to meet every process need

The use cases for business automation are almost endless, so it helps to have a foundation to create from. Omnimap offers a wide range of modules to plan your resources, create documents and invoices, book hours, trigger notifications, manage media and assets, and onboard and offboard customers or employees. And you can select templates to work with, edit them as you need, or create new processes of journeys from scratch.

a diagram of process modules
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